Choosing an academy? Some ideas on what to look for to help with the decision

Choosing an academy? Some ideas on what to look for to help with the decision

Making the decision to train Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is an impressive and crucial step. It’s a commitment that many hope will carry them through a lifetime. But how do you choose which gym to go to? There are a lot of different parts to that question that need answering. Price, curriculum, location are all pieces of the equation, but what are some of the other steps to take before choosing a gym? Choosing the right gym takes some digging, and with the ability to do in-depth searches online potential customers should look for more.

Representation In Student Body

Looking at an academy’s website is a good first step to finding a place to train. Of course, you should see pictures of the instructors, the facilities, and a robust schedule. But what do you see within the student body? Is it a group of people that represents the diverse world that we live in? Seeing a student body that reflects a diverse population is a key part in picking an academy.

Are women represented? People of color? Builds and shapes? Jitsu isn’t just for one type of person, so training at a gym that attracts a singular “type” may not be the best for those that don’t fit within that group. There’s a level of comfort that comes with seeing people a mix of people from different and similar backgrounds in the same room; especially when learning a challenging topic such as Jiu Jitsu. Find an academy that represents the diversity found in the world to its best abilities.

Google Search The Instructors

Take a moment to look up the instructors that lead the gym where you’re thinking about training. Check out the social media profiles for those that would teach the classes you may attend and pay attention to what you find. Who do they support? What messages do they platform? These are the types of questions to ask during your research. Does it tell you everything about a person without getting to know them? No, certainly not. But recognizing what people may stand for through who they support is a step in understanding who they are as a person.

As with any other industry, BJJ has less savory individuals within its ranks. Some who have a track record that is documented within news sites that cover the world of martial arts. Look up the leaders on the mat and if you find out their past actions fall below what’s acceptable, don’t train at that location. Yes, people make mistakes throughout life, but do they show accountability for their actions? Even if they do, that doesn’t mean you’re required to train there. At the end of the day, just because someone is a black belt in Jiu Jitsu, that doesn’t mean they are a black belt in life.

Finding a place to train is a hard part of the process to get into Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. Take the time and due diligence to uncover all you can about the gym where you plan to train. You’ll appreciate the decision even more in the end.