Run For Something pushes for political change on local and state levels

Run For Something pushes for political change on local and state levels

Grappling with Issues is committed to shining a light on the need for social justice work within the martial arts community. As a group, this is a powerful population of people that are used to building each other up, through training and camaraderie. That same group should be a powerful force for social justice efforts within the communities where they train every day.

GWI looks to shine a light on important groups making the effort to do the work needed for this to be the country it thinks itself to be.

To start 2022, GWI is looking to highlight Run for Something.

The right to vote for all is in jeopardy. State governments across the country are working tirelessly to limit access to voting under the guise of “voter integrity.” Even worse, those you campaigned on the platform to stop these infringements are standing by pointing fingers like they are shocked at what is happening.

Run for Something looks to combat what is occurring in politics today by helping progressive candidates find their voice while elevating their platform. Taken directly from the organization’s website:

“We provide a safety net for new and exciting progressive leaders — at all stages of their journey — helping them run efficient, strategic, grassroots, driven campaigns while feeling supported throughout the process.”

Since its inception in 2017, Run for Something has assisted nearly 100,000 people to run for state and local offices across the United States. That is where the real change happens, the local levels that bubble up to the state and eventually federal level. We see every day that too many politicians work to stroke flames and outrage while barely moving the needle in an impactful way more often than not. Replacing them with progressive politicians that are willing to do the work at a local and state level is the step needed for real, effective change in the United States. We need less of the same thing.

To learn more about Run for Something, visit the organization’s website today.