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Millions of people released a collective sigh of relief on Saturday when the 2020 election was called for President-Elect Joe Biden. The celebration that occurred in the streets across multiple cities was understandable, yet the reality of the election showed that there’s a lot of questions and even more work left to be done to begin correcting the generational stains of the American way known to many but newly uncovered by some in the last few years. The call is for all to roll up your sleeves and get ready to do the labor that is needed when all the...

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COVID-19 has forced much of the world to grind to a halt. The martial arts industry is impacted just as much as others. The IBJJF, perhaps the largest promoter of grappling tournaments, held one of its most important events this past weekend – the Pan-Ams. While much of the grappling community was excited to get back to competition, now that the event is over gym leaders should ask those that participated to do the right thing, and that is quarantine for two weeks. We are living amid a global pandemic. Cases and deaths continue to rise in the United States....

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Conspiracy theories are not new, but they have become quite the talking point in recent months as the country gets closer to Election Day. QAnon is the go-to conversation piece as the group is backed by elected officials from the state, all the way up to President Donald Trump. But what is? Why should martial artists be concerned? Those are the types of questions that need addressing to better understand the real issue at hand. Though QAnon is a term that many are hearing for the first time in media, it dates back to 2017. According to Kevin Roose of...

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