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The spotlight is shining on the injustice and mistreatment that continue to plague minority populations throughout the United States. As those truths become more prevalent, so many individuals have reached out to ask, “How can I help?” Acknowledging there is a need to help is the first step, but it is the first in a long ling of steps that will seem innumerable. Education is the key to understanding the impact of racism in the United States. The school system has failed to teach the truth about how this country has mistreated Black people for centuries. But there is a...

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The civil unrest going on around the United States does not end when Black Lives Matter stops trending. The work for equality runs long and there is a place for your academy to play a role. This is an important time for community service. Martial arts academies claim they serve the communities they are in, and here’s suggestions for steps to put those words into action. Speak out against hateful narratives in martial arts Silence is a form of compliance. Many organizations have taken these past few weeks to show a commitment to fighting against injustice. There is a lot...

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Martial Arts houses a very diverse group of practitioners that range from countries around the world and all walks of life. Hopefully, the mats that you lead look more like the world we live in rather than a homogenized view of the majority. It is important that in times such as those faced today and, in the future, the people of color that frequent your training academy see and hear your support out in the open.

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