About GWI

Marital arts are supposed to be a welcoming space for everyone; an industry that serves an empowers everyone, regardless of race, religion, creed, ethnicity, or any other reason. Unfortunately, that is not the case as recent events have shown. Some of the loudest and successful voices in martial arts use their platforms to spread hateful, racist, sexist, misinformed rhetoric as their fanbases hang off on every word. Alt-right groups are using martial arts and mixed martial arts to train for a supposed race war and threatening harm to others.


This is not the purpose of martial arts. Instead of tearing down, martial arts are meant to build up the public, teach people how to defend themselves, while experiencing the value of hard work, discipline and more. The martial arts industry is failing the communities where they teach and train.


Grappling with Issues shines a light on social issues through the lenses of martial arts. Taking what is taught on the mats and in the gyms and applying those principles to what is going on in the world around us. Martial arts should not be a space where hate is propagated as some type of distorted enlightenment.


Grappling with Issues will use current events to shine a light on organizations working to create societal changes in spaces like voting rights, criminal justice reform, domestic violence and more. Support offered by donations and product purchases result in donations for organizations doing the work every day, while creating an avenue for our supporters to use their voices in the gyms where they train every day.